Why your business website is not working.

Websites have come a long way starting as an advertising tool for the most skilled and elite clients has now become a necessity for every business. They have in some ways replaced the print catalogue or flyer as the go to for any needed information on a certain business to individual. With this evolution, the mass population of planet earth has become extremely picky over which websites they will use this being based on certain criteria all gathered within 5 seconds of landing on a homepage of a website. Reviewing your website structurally as well as aesthetically every 2 years maximum is a must.

Reviewing your website structurally as well as aesthetically every 2 years maximum is absolutely critical as technology and the web advances so must your website. Below are 5 checks you can do ensure you are staying current.

Responsive Websites (Mobile Friendly)

In this day and age you really need to ensure your website is responsive and fits and reads well on all size screens. With the growth of Mobile and Tablet increasing daily and outselling the conventional desktop PC there is definitely a strong trend. Google has been known to penalize websites that are not responsive.

Slow Load

In the age of high-speed internet, there is nothing more off putting than a slow loading website. As mentioned earlier a user will pass judgement on the website within the first 5 seconds of being on the website and if the user has to wait for a heavy homepage to load they will either close the tab or go back to their Google search results and select the next result. So one less user and a potential sale lost. Stay away from loading screens and heavily scripted pages.

Market Jargon

Keep the technical fancy words to within the industry. The majority of users who will use your website will be your average everyday user and apart from not understanding you may scare them away as they will feel overwhelmed.


Keep It Simple Stupid. Do away with the pop-ups, old school flashy adverts and concentrate on the less is more mantra. A carefully structured and well-designed website will make your user feel more at ease and stay longer.

Content is King

This is a very important part of the site. This is what the user is searching for online so hiring a good copywriter who has an understanding of writing for the web will help increase your search results.

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