How to deter Spam

Besides cutting your Internet connection, there is not really any way to get rid of spam 100%. The best thing you can do is to filter out the bulk of the spam.

Here are some pointers in handling Spam.

  • Make sure your Email address is not visible

It is a catch 22 really, the more people who have your email address the more spam you will get.  Putting your email address out on the internet ie Business directories, listings etc will also worsen the spam count so rather hide it using web browser extensions. Google Chrome has some fantastic ones.

  • Never ever ever ever respond to spam….. EVER!

When you encounter spam in your mail box and it appears to be sent by a friend rather be safe and contact them before opening it to make doubly sure. Fight the urge to open the mail and do not click on any links or images or download anything that may be in the spam message.

  • Teach your email client

When deleting the spam from your email client make sure to mark the spam as spam and in the same vein remove all the false positives by removing all the non-spam messages from the spam box. Depending on what your email client is the spam controls aren’t that far away.

  • Security suite to the rescue

Configuring your security suite correctly will also help with spam as they should have some form of anti-spam control. If you dont have a security suite installed then you might have a bigger problem than Spam.

  • New email address

If all else fails and the spam monster gets the better of your email address its time to move on to a new email address. Doing this will mean that you need to update your contacts of your email address change. It would be recommended that you keep the old email address going for a month or two as not to lose any incoming mail.

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