Social media Appetite

Building a hunger:

What social platform appeases your taste buds,  are you a Facebook nut or is Pinterest more your flavour? I love Instagram, can literally spend countless hours on it. It has a huge user base and covers just about every topic you can think of. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

Which is what the post is about, how a social media platform can appeal to your opinions and tastes. Which one’s make you feel more at ‘home’ whilst using them. As I mentioned earlier Instagram is the platform that appeals to me and what fulfills my digital appetite. Whilst there are plenty other social media platforms that offer the same service and similar user experience like Pinterest and Tumblr to me they just don’t have the same appeal. While you can create boards, pin images, like images and categories for the user’s images, Instagram is basic in the way it works. Take photo, upload and comment. Done!

I am in no way putting the others down at all … I do use them from time to time.

Staple diet:

We all on Facebook so it’s not really an option in this subject. Facebook has become like the staple diet for the global population. I have contemplated a future without Facebook but can’t as it has become so ingrained into our way of life. Facebook has become the world’s diary and filled with adverts, nominations and typo’s from the technically challenged. On the upside you can change your language to Pirate which is awesome!

A lot of people use the twitter machine and get remarkable results,  I have tried and got extremely bored very quickly! The whole 140 character only annoys me. Yes it may be more than enough characters to write a post but dont put cap on it. Twitter comes in at 300 billion posts since inception which is really impressive. It is the first social platform to use the hashtag and in turn create a internet phenomenon.

 Sweet sweetness:

Vine is a really fun platform which focuses on solely 10-second short video’s,  most of them being funny but has now branched out into categories such as DIY, Art and animals etc. Over 15 billion loops played daily. Video has become a major part in social sharing and will only get bigger and bigger.

Would love to hear what other fun platforms you use, comment below.


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