The burgeoning South African game development scene.

You may be surprised to discover (as I was) that South Africa has a healthy, albeit small, game development scene. Aimed largely at PC and mobile gaming, it seems that current output from South African game design studios is being well received by the global gaming community. 

With titles such as the action throw back to early 90’s Contra style games, ‘BroForce’, with it’s heavy and comedic dose of American freedom, liberty and-justice-for-all style aesthetics from the Free Lives studio earning 10/10 on Steam as well as several awards; and the horror sci-fi game ‘Stasis’ from the team at The Brotherhood studios, so far garnering positive reviews and high ratings on sites such as Metacritic, it would seem that South African game development is in good stead.  

A cursory read through a few articles online shows that QCF Design with it’s Desktop Dungeons title led the way in terms of a South African games studio reaching a global market and earning serious income (they made over a million Rand in a day, twice!) from players around the world taking to their game. 

These are positive signs for would-be designers and developers who want to get involved. 

Other projects from broader based design and development companies such as INESSOFT and Maxxor, offer customised game design as an interesting addition to their various software development services. This means that there are also small openings for designers trying to break into the industry and earn their stripes, without having to set up an independent studio themselves.  

Browsing through the Make Games SA forum shows that there is a lot of healthy discussion in and of the scene as well, and with the Really Awesome Gaming Expo, or R.A.G.E, in it’s 13th year this year, it would seem the South African gaming community and development scene is only going to get bigger.  

With many game development resources available online; as well as design engines such as Unity, and platforms that offer simple game design to people without previous coding knowledge such as Game Salad and Stencyl, now seems as good a time as any to get involved in learning the craft and making your own titles. 

Game on. 

This article was written by our guest writer and very good friend Cheyne Pearson.

Let him know what you think of his article and maybe he will write us some more. 🙂  

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