What is Website Security?

Web application security is the process of securing confidential data stored online from unauthorized access and modification.

Does your website need protection?

Most small business owners are too busy to think about security in any depth. While they’re often aware generally of security issues, they often don’t connect those threats with their own business. Cyberattacks cause costly clean-up, damage your reputation, and discourage visitors from coming back.

Website Protection

Guarding your technology


Malicious software or as its better known as Malware which is the most popular form of threat from hackers or cybercriminals. This method can be used to steal users sensitive data, spam and website access via backdoors from old code or nulled themes and plugins.

DDoS Attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service is a malicious attack that overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic and will leave your website either incredibly slow or make the website crash completely.


Hackers and cybercriminals can gain access to your website data and all the users data via outdated or unsupported plugins and other weak spots in the website.

Website Blacklisted

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can and will blacklist your website and URL from their seach result listings and will flag your website which will inturn keep potential visitors from your website.

User Protection

Guarding your Information


Cybercriminals and Hackers have started using phishing techniques on websites. Making them look like a real website BUT are developed to get the user to divulge as much personal sensitive information as possible.


A common tactic used by hacker's is injecting (via SQL injection) a redirect into the code to take the user to a pornographic site or malicious website.

Session Hijacks

Hackers and cybercriminals will take control of a user's online session and control their actions on the website possibly forcing them to make unwanted choices on the site.

User Data

Cybercriminals main target would be user payment details or their data which is stored in the websites database.

Website Security

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User Safety

Be certain that your user's data and information is well protected.

Peace of mind

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