The Digital Business Card

Interactive Digital Business Card

Business cards are great until they start to clutter purses, wallets and office desks and eventually over 80% get thrown into the bin.

At GeekDimm Designs we put the BUSINESS back into the Business Card. Our vCard is an interactive Digital Business Card that offers amazing features, cuts paper out of the equation, has a super-fast development turnaround time and is super easy to share.

vCard Features

Ease of use

  • Designed for mobile
  • Custom layout
  • Easy Share QR code
  • Free updates for 2 months

Awesome for…

  • Product Specials
  • Property Listings
  • Broadcast Promotions
  • Store Locator
Digital Business Card

Upgrade your business card

Offer your clients so much more than just your contact details with our vCard such as Product Carousels, Property Listings, Broadcast Promotions, Google Maps, Call to Action, and more.

Our Digital Business Card comes with an easy-to-share QR code and link, and free updates to your contact details for the first 2 months.

The price for our vCard is super AFFORDABLE in the new year of 2023, The initial once-off development fee is only R150.00 with a monthly fee of just R99.00 pm.

Perfect for any business

View a live version of the Digital Business Card
Scan the QR code with your phone

Digital business card qr-code
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