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Websites play an integral role in how people perceive products and brands. It is important to give your business the professional website that it deserves. Our company designs custom websites that are 100% mobile responsive, professionally-built, and visually appealing for all users.

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  • HTML & CSS
  • WordPress plugins configurations
  • WordPress theme installation
  • WordPress theme configuration

WordPress Website Design

  • UX design
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
what is website design

What is Website Design?

Web design encompasses two parts – the front-end sector and the back-end sector. The front- end covers what you see when visiting a website; while back-end deals with how functional or interactive that site will be. All of this code creates what’s known as back-end web development, which allows for many different functions to exist on a WordPress website, namely through HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. Additionally, CSS is utilized for both the front- end (what you actually see) and back- end (how it works) – optimising every visit for aesthetics but also function/interactivity. Other than creating WordPress sites from scratch, we offer installation of themes and plugins – ensuring your domain name matches up with your site – while making sure your website stays safe by using SSL technology.

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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

In its early days, WordPress was mainly used for blogs, but it quickly evolved into a content management system (C.M.S) for just about anything you could think of. Today, there are millions of people who use this open-source platform to power their websites; including Sony Music, The Official Star Wars Blog, Mashable and The New Yorker.

The flexibility of this software is what makes it so successful – from free themes and plugins to affordable website design solutions. And because the costs are often low or non-existent in comparison to other hosting services, many organizations can implement WordPress for all their needs without breaking the bank – something that would have been unthinkable only 20 years ago!

Responsive website design

What is Responsive Website Design?

All the websites we build are 100% mobile responsive web sites which means that they’ll display correctly on any device – even if you’re using an iPad or an iMac. This type of design method provides optimal viewing for whatever device you’re using – from desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It also cuts down development time and maintenance since there’s no need to create unique versions of the site for different devices and browsers.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

For extra functionality, we set up and do general customization of the highest rated plugins in their category which are found free in the WordPress Codex such as the eCommerce powerhouse Woocommerce & the popular Contact Form 7 plugins.

website maintenance

Website Maintenance

The Geek Dimm Designs team provides a number of different web services, including continued website maintenance and website support. Monthly packages are available that include checking in on your site every month to ensure it is running smoothly with software updates and monitoring Google Analytics reports for your business’ progress. In addition to technical support, we provide various design and content packages such as writing blog posts or uploading new video, images and content for products.

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