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Websites have become incredibly relevant in today’s online culture making it imperative to get the web application your business deserves. We do WordPress Website Design & Development that is 100% mobile responsive, professionally built, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



  • HTML & CSS
  • WordPress plugins configurations
  • WordPress theme installation
  • WordPress theme configuration

Website Design

  • UX design
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization


WordPress started off with its roots in the blogging world but over time has become used as a complete Content Management System with an incredible support system and hundreds of thousands of themes, widgets, and plugins that integrate seamlessly into the platform making the website functionality possibilities endless.


With WordPress having the features and the flexibility offered by the plugins, etc we are using it to our advantage to cut down on development time helping us to offer quality websites that are affordable.


WordPress is super popular with over 25 million people using the platform to power their websites of these are Sony Music, The Official Star Wars Blog, Mashable, and The New Yorker. To find out more about the platform please visit



A responsive website means the website will display correctly on any device from iPad to iMac. This design method provides optimal viewing for any device from desktop, laptops to tablets, and mobile phones which help cut down development time and maintenance. Testing and ensuring the website operates correctly on all major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.



Web development is broken into two sectors, the first being Frontend development which is everything you see on the screen, and Backend development which enables functionality & interactivity on the website and a bit more.


All WordPress websites functionality happens in the backend of the website using code such as HTML, PHP, and Javascript these being the most popular on the backend while CSS is used on the frontend to style the website making it visually appealing to the user.


Other features include website setup on the webserver, ensuring your domain is linked to your website and making your website secure with SSL.

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The 1 Pager Promotion – Boost Your Brand!

We at it again, Our premium 1 pager website package which is loaded with AMAZING features.


  • eCommerce Ready
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Responsive Design
  • Minimal Setup
  • Website Security
  • Contact Form


*T&C’s – GeekDimm Designs reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time.


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By using the highest rated plugins & themes we ensure quality affordable website design with fast turnaround time.


For extra functionality we setup and do general customization of the highest rated plugins in their category which are found free in the WordPress Codex such as the eCommerce powerhouse Woocommerce & the popular Contact Form 7 plugins.



GeekDimm Designs wants to give you the ultimate online experience with the best web design solution. With our websites you will get the following features:


  • Amazing page load time
  • Cost-Effective
  • Best Practices
  • 100% Mobile Ready
  • Google Indexed
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fully Customizable

We’d love to build your next project with you!