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Many small business owners which due to the coronavirus have spare time on their hands and with other capacities restricted they are working on refining their website marketing… myself included. I wrote down some suggestions for myself to beat the Coronavirus no work blues and decided to share them with you all.

Content is KING!

Now is the time to run through your website page by page, paragraph by paragraph. Put yourself in the prospective client’s shoes and ask yourself exactly what you would want to see when visiting your website. Does is reflect your company and what it stands for? It’s great for S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) to change things up a bit, add some fresh new content to the homepage and not just an image.

Word of mouth?

They say that word of mouth is the BEST form of advertising well, writing blogs is pretty much the same. They are keyword rich which again helps with S.E.O which is a double bonus as you are keeping your loyal followers informed and educated in your products especially if they are medical.

Changing things up

Channel your inner creative and try something completely new to reach new customers like a Vlog or Podcast which are incredibly popular tools now.

Connect and Communicate

Once you have completed the above create an account on any of these communicational apps to help bridge the gap between you and your new clients. Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime or Hangouts.