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The Colour Effect – The Colour Psychology in Website Design

Web design has tons of decision making moments, These moments are of major importance when striving to reach your goals and targets of success. Front end designers use a wide array of techniques to ensure the correct decisions are made for all the elements of the web design process, One technique that should become mandatory is the use of psychology. Our brain is influenced by many visual elements such as colours which as we all know colours can ignite certain emotions in us. The major reason for this is colour’s spark certain brain receptors, With some thought on which colours you use from a psychological standpoint will this can benefit you massively. With over 85% of online shoppers stating that colour is one of the major factors in making the decision to purchase the product, with this in mind you start to understand just how imperative this is can be. Red: The colour Red can help bring about emotions of hunger (Think KFC) and of course its the main of love. Yellow: The colour Yellow should be used minimally but can raise the emotions of cheerfulness and also help create conversation. Blue: The colour blue is one of peace and of course, it’s tied to boys and men such as Pink is for girls and ladies, it does help stem the appetite so stick to Red if you opening a restaurant etc. Below is a fantastic infographic on the psychology of colour. (Credit to WebFX)